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Apple Down November 10, 2009

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You’d have to be a Gilmore Girls fan to get that reference. I just bought apple green spray paint for my little computer desk and I that line keeps popping into my head. I’ve been a little paint crazy this week. I’ve got oil based primer for the cabinets, table and chairs, china cabinet, pantries, blah, blah, blahdie, blah. It’s too much to do I think before Thanksgiving without making me crazy. I have all the hardware and hinges for the cabinets though and I think the kitchen would look so much nicer with a few coats of paint. So what’s stopping me? A few things but mostly the fact that my drilling skills stink. I used it to drill pilot holes for the bamboo floor but I wasn’t as successful with hanging a curtain rod in the girls room or a towel bar in the bathroom. The girls curtain rod fell nearly a year ago and I haven’t tried to put it back up yet. What does drilling have to do with cabinets? The hardware, I have to drill holes for the new handles. Whoever added the current pulls put them in weird places and they aren’t all even and it bugs me. They also put pulls on the non-drawer in front of the sink. Which serves no purpose except to catch my belt loops and nearly make me curse. Little things like that bug me.

I did pick the paint color for the bedroom though and it’s…..blue. But it’s the perfect blue. It’s a lot softer and more grey than the kitchen- it’s actually what I wanted for the kitchen. And I also picked paint for the living room and (eventually) the kitchen. Yes, I realize that I’ve painted the kitchen twice and that it’s a nice color. But it’s just too much blue for me and I want the house color to flow better. Initially I picked a grey-ish color and I liked it ok, but at night it looked purple-ish. I can’t have an entire purple-ish room. And if I’m going to go through all the trouble to paint it two days before my birthday when my parents are coming in town, I’m going to like the color. So I picked Sandstone Cove, which you can find at Behr.com if you’re really, really curious. I didn’t even get a sample. They had one of those brochure things with it in a room and I liked it and bought a gallon. I’m not sure what comes over me sometimes.  I’m watching a big swatch of it dry on the walls though and I know I’m going to like it. It’s a lot lighter and I think it will brighten everything up. It’s been about 2 1/2 years since I painted and it really needed to be repainted anyway. And it’s written into my genetic code to constantly change things- so there you have it. The kitchen will have to be repainted at some point because when Travis replaces the doors to the rest of the bedrooms and bathroom it messes up the doorway and they have to be patched, sanded and painted. So it might be a while before I get to that. Although I did think of doing the wall that the cabinets are on in the retro avocado that he bought just for fun. I couldn’t take a whole room of it but I might like it on one wall. Plus it would be super easy to repaint when we sell or rent or whatever.

Now I’m waiting for that patch to dry to see if I’m going to have to prime even though I bought the super-ultra paint with the primer in it. I think I will because the living room is so dark and the new color is so light. I’m pretty picky and I’d rather do primer than have it look weird. I’ll let you know that later, now to tackle stuff….