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A Cold and a Grouchy Patooty November 18, 2009

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I have a cold. It’s not earth-shatteringly awful but I hate colds. I feel ok for a bit, get up and do stuff and then lay back down. So tonight, as last night, Travis will have to take care of the girls, take care of me and maybe, possibly work on our bedroom. The upside is that I will most likely get to watch White Christmas. I got to watch Holiday Inn on Monday and Chloe loved it. I think she’ll love old movies the way I do.

And speaking of Chloe, she was the grouchiest, grouchy-grouch of all time yesterday. When I picked her up from school she yelled at Halle, then she cried when I reprimanded her. Then she cried because she was hungry, because she had a bad day at school, because she lost a paper, etc. And she made Halle cry too. It was at that moment that I briefly envied parents of boys. When we got home she slammed her bedroom door and threw a book which hit a plastic ship which landed on Halle’s head. More crying. So I fed her and put her to bed at 7:30 because she clearly needed it. She didn’t get to watch her favorite show of all time- The Biggest Loser- and she was bummed. But she woke up this morning at 6:45 of her own accord and giggled and chatted and made jokes, she was completely back to her usual cheerful self. I never want to see grouchy-hungry-tired Chloe again. I have to admit that I’ve gotten a bit lax about bed time because she seemed to be ok but looking back at it, I’d wondered why she was so grouchy with Halle and why they were fighting much more than usual. She likes to read after we put her to bed and she’ll read forever. Tonight and forever after, she’s going to bed at 8:30.

I have to go pick Chloe up from school and I really tried to figure out how I could not shower and wear my pajamas without scaring people and humiliating myself. No dice. So I’m going to throw a fleece jacket over my tank top and pick up the princess. Nothing screams style like a company fleece jacket- from a company I’ve never heard of. Travis just brought it home one day from work. So it’s my workout, take Chloe to school, couldn’t care less what I look like because it’s warm jacket. Then it’s back to the couch…