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My Birthday in Pictures November 13, 2009

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100_1467Ok, last paint picture (maybe). I just wanted to highlight the contrast between the two colors. Now on to my birthday.




Is this setup positively drool-worthy? We went to Rebecca’s Upholstery something or other in dtf and they had an upstairs. So Chloe and I had to go. I’d never been in there before and I loved it so much. The merchandise was great but even if it hadn’t been, I’d have still loved it with the hardwood floors, exposed brick walls and original windows.
















Chloe posed for this one. I wish that I thought about trying harder to get her profile in the shot but it’s still sweet.100_1473














100_1476I was able to get a shot of the roof of the building across the street from the window. I’ve never been able to get a very good glimpse of it because I’m usually on the ground but I love it.








I got a ridiculous amount of stuff this year. That doesn’t usually happen.This year I got two watches which weren’t really birthday presents┬ábut were given to Amanda and me by my aunt. She used to sell Citizen watches but now she sells Rolex and couldn’t use these. Amanda didn’t like hers so she gave it to me. Nice. I also got two coffee pots because Travis didn’t coordinate with my parents. Which meant I had to choose. Which meant I had guilt. I kept the one Travis got me because we’d picked it out but my parents had looked for two weeks for the one they got me. I hate choosing in situations like that. And I got a coffee grinder- a nice one. And a CHI┬áto keep my hair nice and straight. So I guess my birthday was kind of a big deal. Not that it isn’t usually but it seemed like a really big deal this year…and it was really nice. So I can keep my coffee habit in style, my hair in style, keep time really in style and I have yet to determine what to do with a gift card and cash.

So I think I could get used to this…