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Getting My Ducks, er Turkey, In a Row November 3, 2009

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Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday that we almost always travel to my parents house. Three years ago we stayed home because my parents went to my brother’s house and one year they came here but other than that we’ve traveled. Well, in light of everything that’s happened in the last couple of months we’ve realized our need for stability and I’ve expressed my desire to establish our own traditions for holidays. So we decided to stay home for the big holidays for the forseeable future. The down side is that I’m really going to miss my family. The upside is that my brother’s family (7) and my family (5) won’t be jammed into my parents house, sharing one bathroom. And in reality the family dynamic is warm and fuzzy in my thoughts but there’s a reason that the National Lampoon movies are so successful- everybody has a cousin Eddy in their family. Christmas Vacation is one of my favorite movies (although I’ve realized that I can’t watch it with the kiddos around) but it’s funny because I can relate to it. Of course I totally reserve the right to completely change my mind next year… 

The agenda is to have Thanksgiving on our own schedule which means that I get to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade. I don’t usually sit and watch the whole thing but I do like to watch some of it and so do the kids. Sometimes I wonder if I was dropped on my parents doorstep because that’s just one of the many things I like to do that nobody else does. Plus I get to (somewhat) flex my creative muscles in the kitchen. Perhaps a spatchcocked Turkey this year? I do know that I’ll have to make broccoli casserole and using Velveeta in anything pretty much takes away any foodie points I might have earned. Amanda couldn’t possibly live if I didn’t make it and if I’m going to be completely honest, I like Velveeta. I know, but I was raised on it and I ate a Velveeta and Miracle Whip sandwich every single day in the first grade. Yummo- I know. So, ok, my palette isn’t completely refined. But I do want to make at least a couple of new things, even if it’s just dessert. But realistically I can’t go crazy and make tons of food because 1. We’ll never eat that much and 2. I very little space for leftovers. I do have a plan for leftover turkey though. The day after Thanksgiving we’re planning on skipping the black Friday experience and intend to go hiking instead. I don’t like shopping when you’re shoulder to shoulder with people, I love hiking, I love waterfalls and leftover turkey sandwiches sounds fabulous. I can’t really think of a better way to spend the day. Unless it rains. Then I’d better think of a better way to spend the day. 

And to wrap-up Halloween…here’s Princess Lolly. I have to hand it to Amanda, she always comes up with something creative and fantastic. This year she and her friend Janae (the two of them are affectionately referred to as “Jamanda”) were Queen Frostine and the aforementioned Princess Lolly. Last year they were Captain Hook and Tinker Bell. This year she attached lollipops to tulle and put that all over her dress. The funny thing was that her body heat made the lollipops melt and drip down her dress a bit. It made me laugh.  


Princess Lolly made a Starbuck's run

I have to admit that I don’t put in the effort to think about costumes that much. They’re expensive and I don’t sew very well and it’s just not a motivation. But it’s really important to Chloe. She wanted to really, really, for real trick-or-treat this year and I wanted to go downtown. So we hit the pumpkinfest, a bit late, then headed to the houses for trick-or-treating. Along with a lot of other people. Since the kids hadn’t really experienced anything other than church festivals and the mall it was a bit overwhelming to them- especially Chloe. The home owners had done it up right, with spooky music and costumes and themes and dark tunnels…and Chloe begged to go to the mall. There were a lot of really scary masks that made her hide her face and skip houses. Oh, and the pumpkin house? Scary. Travis checked it out and it was a no-go. So we took our (freezing) sweet, scared cheerleader and snow princess (I know she looks like Santa Claus but she says she’s a snow princess, so she’s a snow princess) to the mall.


I love my stubborn sweet Chloe who desperately didn’t want to wear a jacket even though it was in the 50’s. She told me that she wouldn’t be cold because she had Cuban blood and I told her that her Cuban blood would freeze. She froze. But she was happy and really wanted to show off her costume.100_1451

I really had so much fun. It was great to be with Travis and the girls and even though Chloe doesn’t want to trick-or-treat next year (I fear I’ve scarred her) I think it was still a great day.


Halloween Downtown Franklin Style October 30, 2009

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It’s been a fanstastic week and in the spirit of the holiday I thought I’d show you a couple of houses that celebrate in a really big way. And I thought I’d experiment with making the pictures bigger. Unfortunately these seem huge while the medium pictures are very small. Um, the big pictures don’t fit- bummer.

This particular house I’ve wanted to show a picture of for a really long time because of it’s rounded purple door. I love doors that aren’t the normal rectangular shape and purple is just out of the ordinary. Not that I’d have a purple door but it does make me look every time I pass by. And when I drove by yesterday they were building a big platform contraption that was spitting out “smoke”, I’m really curious as to what they’re doing with that. 100_1409

Do you remember this house? I did and Open House Tuesday featuring this one over a year ago. It’s still for sale with the same realtor and the virtual tour is still up which is still thoroughly enjoyable for gawking. I don’t think they’ve lowered the price though and I’ve noticed that prices here have really taken a tumble since then. But this is about Halloween, right?



This house is actually so big that I couldn’t get a picture of the whole thing even when I went out into the street a bit. It doesn’t look as large as it is, even when you’re standing in front of it. But they do it up quite a bit for the holidays. I noticed for Halloween and Christmas last year they had a professional company decorate it for them.

So that was all for funsies and I hope you enjoyed it.  I think I want to do a lot more fun posts soon. This new WordPress thing has been very inspiring, I’m really glad I moved.


The Most Fabulous Day October 28, 2009

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I had the most wonderful day in recent memory on Monday. I picked Chloe up from school and decided that we wouldn’t go straight home but would do something I’ve wanted to do since we moved here- walk on Main Street and take pictures. The leaves are really fantastic right now and the weather was perfect, cool and dry, and I was having a fantastic hair day. So off we went.
The first stop was the Green-Moore house. I can’t imagine living in a Victorian house but it’s wonderful for pictures. Most of the historical homes have these plaques in front that tell you when the house was built and I presume the names of the people that built it. One day I’d like to find out if I’m right about that.


Green-Moore House 1896

This is the leafy mess that made me decide to do this. We don’t have any trees like this in our yard and I knew the girls would love it…and they did. There were squeals and giggles and throwing leaves in the air. It really was just what I needed to clear my head. I felt so very happy- I’m going to do it again soon.

Looking Up

And the funny house. It probably has a real name but I look for it with every changing season or holiday. The owner(s) really take pride in dressing it up.
The Funny House

It’s really cute but I think I might be a little creeped out with all of the dolls and things on the front porch.

They even invite you into their pumpkin house. It’s up all the time during Halloween but we’ve never been in there. Mostly because I can’t imagine just walking into someone’s garage and also because I have no idea what’s in there. I see lots of kids going in and out of there on Halloween night so it’s probably fine.

Actually Main Street is a pretty popular place to Trick or Treat. The street is lined with cars and there are kids everywhere. Last year one of the houses had a screen set up and they were playing The Munsters. That made me want to stop. That’s what I’m thinking of doing with the kids this year. We usually take them to the mall and they get about 5 pieces of candy- which is all I want them to have- but it’s not as much fun. I don’t think I have Travis sold on the idea yet though. 


My Favorite Tree

 This is my favorite tree. I look for it every single year because the leaves are so brilliant. It’s on the corner of a really busy intersection and the top has been a bit mangled by the electric company (the threat of ice and snapping lines and all) but I still think it’s beautiful. The owners have ivy covering the trunk and I think it’s beautiful.

There was lots more fun that day. We walked to the shops and ran into people selling Shih Tzus on the street. They were so completely gorgeous and have made me rethink getting a Westie.


Heyday Gifts in Franklin

The shopping didn’t last all that long because it’s not nearly as much fun as just walking. Not with girls that want to touch *everything*. So we made our way back and talked about all the other things we want to see and do- like buy a Shih Tzu. And play in the leaves. It was so fabulous. It really was the most fabulous day.

The end of our trip

A New Beginning October 26, 2009

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I finally did it. I’ve been considering lots of blog changes and for at least a while longer I’ll be Lemons and Roses, only at WordPress instead of Blogger. I’ve had the url for a while, mostly because there were things about Blogger that frustrated me to no end. Not that it isn’t a great *free* service, it is, but I’m hopeful that I’ll like it here better. I still have thoughts for blog titles. Travis likes The Mrs. Adventures of Button Girl and I think it’s cute but I’m hesitant to commit to it. I like Inspiration Strikes because I’ve felt very inspired since I thought of it. Maybe I’ll have two blogs…even though I have trouble keeping up with one. So, ok, I’m still not sure. WordPress is more user friendly than I first thought. I just had to take the time to figure it out. Not that I’ve got that all down. So it’s still a work in progress. Lemons and Roses does still feel like me though…we’ll see.