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It’s My Party and I’ll Paint if I Want To November 12, 2009

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It’s my birthday and my hubby is home making breakfast for me. Sweet, no? I decided yesterday morning that I wouldn’t wait one more day to tackle the living room (again) and I had a ridiculous amount of energy so I just did it. The living room had to be cleaned out anyway because my parents are coming today. See, all the stuff from my bedroom was plopped into the living room and I’ve been walking around a ton of stuff for nearly two months now. So just for funsies I did get a picture of that green. Fun, huh? But not for a master bedroom.

The “soothing” green Travis bought
So here’s the before- in a stone color. It was nice but dark and dinged up.

The stone color before

And here’s the after…Sandstone Cove. I really like it because it feel clean and it makes the living room feel bigger. Which is a big deal when the room is only 10×15. I had other pictures up but WordPress is glitchy too and I don’t feel like taking a bunch of time to fix it. I’m going to have breakfast with Trav and Halle (Chloe is at school and Amanda is asleep) then my parents are coming in. We’re going to have lunch at Merridee’s and walk around downtown Franklin. The weather is perfect- crisp and sunny. I think it’s going to be a great day.


3 Responses to “It’s My Party and I’ll Paint if I Want To”

  1. Mary Kelso Says:

    It does look brighter. Wow. It seems like a fairly subtle change but fresh paint is always a pick me up. I do like the green. And I agree it’s too bright for a Master bedroom. What would it look like mixed with white to tone it down?

  2. Christy Says:

    I love the original green, but you’re right – it’s not exactly soothing! The living room looks really nice. Very fresh.
    Enjoy your birthday celebrating! I’m sending extra smiles your way…

  3. Amy Button Says:

    I like the green too and thought about doing it as an accent wall in the kitchen but Amanda wants it for “her new place”.

    It’s hard to get a true to color photograph in that room because it’s so small. It looks a little darker in the picture than it actually it. You guys will just have to come see it 😉

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