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Feelings, Paint, Pumpkins and a Recipe November 6, 2009

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Feelings. Bleh. Sometimes I really just want to live without them. I am finding though that it’s better to be informed than to just be blindsided by them. I’ve dealt with this before, a lot actually, and it prepares you for dealing with grief but not completely. I forgot that I could be completely fine one minute and then as if a switch flipped, be back in the pit. *But* writing about paint and pumpkins and the weather helps. In days like this I have to focus on what’s going to help me to feel better. Today it’s blogging and working out and cleaning the living room. That last one was a surprise to me too.

A couple of nights ago Travis and I went on a coffee date. The air was crisp but not too cold and the moon was so big in the sky that it literally took my breath away. As in, I gasped when I saw it. Travis was driving and thought something was wrong but it was just that big. You know, that big huge moon that’s in movies sometimes. Anyway, we went to Starbuck’s and I got a pumpkin spice latte and an iced pumpkin scone. I have to admit that I don’t really expect much from Starbuck’s as far as their pastries are concerned. In the past they tasted like cheap, processed danishes that were slightly better than something you’d get out of a vending machine. That’s coming from the girl that likes Velveeta. But I’ve baked from scratch enough to know when something is really processed- plus I’ve seen the boxes they come in. Amanda has actually complained about the fact that they’ve recently taken out all the bad stuff- hydrogenated oils and all- that it doesn’t taste as good. I have to disagree with that though. This scone was actually pretty good. I even recommend it. I want another one. Then we walked around town and it was just beautiful. I made a comment about us living in Stars Hollow, the trees are a beautiful red and fallen leaves are scattered on the sidewalk. Fabulous.

Now to answer Mary’s question about whether or not the green would match her quilt- it wouldn’t. It most closely resembles the middle two colors of this paint swatch. I couldn’t find the actual Retro Avocado because the swatches for their Premium Plus Ultra paint (with the primer in it) has it’s own set of swatches which aren’t on the website. Unless I missed it somewhere. I took a picture of it but my camera couldn’t capture the true color. It would be ok for a piece of furniture- if it the finish wasn’t flat.

A few weeks ago I bought a tiny little Betty Crocker recipe book at Target in the dollar bin. It’s several recipes for fall baking and I made their pumpkin-cranberry muffins. They were a big hit here and so I’m going to share the recipe with you:

2 cups all-purpose flour (I used white whole wheat flour)

3/4 cup sugar

3 tsp baking powder

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1/2 tsp ground ginger

1/4 tsp salt

1 cup canned pumpkin

1/2 c. vegetable oil

2 eggs

1 c. sweetened dried cranberries

1/2 cup chopped pecans

coarse sugar for the top

1. Heat oven to 400 degrees. Spray muffin cups with Pam or use baking cups

2. Mix flour, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, ginger and salt. Stir in pumpkin, oil, eggs cranberries and pecans just until moistened. Divide batter evenly among muffin cups. Sprinkle coarse sugar evenly over batter in each cup.

3. Bake 20-25 minutes. Serve warm. Yum!

I really, really liked them. And so did our friends kiddo. I was watching their kids so that they could take their newly adopted daughter to a really big doctor appointment. I haven’t posted anything about it because 1. it’s not my story and 2. there are lots of big posts about the whole process. I have felt really blessed to be a small part of their journey. Even if it’s just watching kiddos.

Now I’m off to workout. I’m not sure that I have the strength to push the pedals but I’m going to do my best. And I’m going to read a magazine- one of the three I’m subscribed to- and I’m going to try to dream about the future. All while living in today. Then maybe the kiddos and I will walk downtown again. That seems to make me really happy.



6 Responses to “Feelings, Paint, Pumpkins and a Recipe”

  1. Mary Kelso Says:

    That swatch wouldn’t come up.

    Thanks for the recipe. I’m trying to make muffins more consistently as my kids are picky breakfast eaters.

    Sorry about the “feelings” I know that moment by moment sway can be exhausting. As a reader I am fully supportive of “Blog Therapy.”

  2. Tisra Says:

    I’m behind (or just pre-occupied). I just now wandered over to your new site. Looks really good, Amy… like it’s more personalized or maybe just more “you”.

    Thank you , again, for watching the kids (twice this week!). I took all 4 kids to Lael’s appointment today, so I think we’ll manage from here on out! Adding little human bodies is an adjustment. 🙂

  3. Amy Button Says:

    I didn’t realize that Lael had an appointment today. And it’s really no big deal, they seem to like me ok. 😉

  4. Christy Says:

    I know just the moon you’re talking about. I saw it too and forced my children to stop in their tracks and look at it with me. It was breathtaking.
    Blog therapy and fall-walk therapy are the best. It’s very empowering to have tools you’ve already identified to help you cope with sudden swings of emotion. Use ’em like there’s no tomorrow!

  5. Amy Button Says:

    Mary, I’m feeling a big “duh” coming on because the paint is really, really close to the green on this blog layout.

  6. Mary Kelso Says:

    Oh my that’s bright. 🙂 Similar to what I put in the boy’s bedroom though. I like it in there, but I put a lot of colors with it and it is a kid’s room.

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