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Blue? Green? Blue. Green. Grey? November 5, 2009

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Our master bedroom in in the final sanding stages and we’re nearly to the point of painting…yippee! Or rather, Travis is nearly to the point of painting. The only thing that I have to do in this project is pick out a paint color. Initially he picked out a color but he’s never actually picked a paint color out of all the paint color choices available. He picked the kitchen paint color out of a couple of different swatches I handed him. This time it was completely different since I was out of town when he picked it. He knows I love green and he tried to match the bedskirt from our comforter set. What he picked was “retro avocado” and I tried, really tried, to like it. I was ok with it as long as I wasn’t mad at him. So a volatile green probably wasn’t the best choice. I called it vomitous green and baby poop at different points so I’m picking a new color. Unfortunately since he’s a novice paint picker he bought a whole gallon of the stuff which I’m going to have to give away or figure out something to do with it.Master bedroom

Oh, right, this is what our bedroom looks like now. The plan is to paint and to buy a white down comforter. Or down-ish or whatever they fill those things with. I like white because it looks clean and because I can stuff it in whatever duvet cover I choose down the road without it showing through. Because I get bored very easily. I blame my mother for that. I mean, I must get my creative genes from my mother and that’s why I get bored easily. So a color. I love blue. I nearly always pick blue out of a lineup but I have a LOT of blue in my house. And even though I’ve painted the kitchen twice, I’m still not happy with the color. It isn’t that I don’t like it, I do, but there’s so.much.of.it. I don’t really like the flow of colors and I’d like to change it. The living room is a nice stone color with green undertones. The accents are all a cool blue and blue in the kitchen so add blue to the bedroom and you have a swimming pool. Kidding. The room colors that I like the most are the stone in the living room and the pale green in the bathroom. It makes me wonder if I should make the majority of the house a stone color and paint the rooms in shades I really like. I have found that I really like pumpkin, the fruit and the shade. But there isn’t a room in my house that’s big enough for a color like that. Look at this homeowner’s use of pumpkin in their living room and bathroom. I like it but I don’t think I’d put it in a bathroom.

You may have seen this color quiz floating around the internet lately. My results are here and I think it reflects what I want our house to be but not so sure about those colors. I should probably sit down and write it out. I think that if I could change the color of the kitchen and hallway, then I’d choose blue for the bedroom. If not I’m leaning toward green. Except that it’s possible that we’re going to have an extra room in the not too distant future. I won’t say too much about that until it’s finalized but I know for sure that my exercise bike will be evicted from our bedroom as soon as that happens. That room might end up being retro avocado though.

So what do you think? You know I’m posting this to get your opinions, right? I figure that since home prices have tanked (yes, even in *Franklin*- gasp!) we’ll be in this house for quite a while and I want to be happy with it. Even if I don’t feel like painting. Not the least, tiny, itty-bitty bit.


2 Responses to “Blue? Green? Blue. Green. Grey?”

  1. Mary Kelso Says:

    Well first of all I have to confess that I talked to Travis about the green color and may have steered him in the wrong direction. I asked him if he had ever picked paint color before and then encouraged him to stay on the olive side rather than the lime side of green for your bedroom. I was just concerned that trying to match something wouldn’t prove easy and a large amount of a color from a small stripe may result in something much more chartreuse instead of a calming neutral. I hope I didn’t push him too far. How bad is it…would it match my quilt in my guest room? Maybe I can buy it from you if it does.

    That said, I love green…celery, fern, moss, apple…I like all of it. I love botanical prints and soft green walls, so I’m all about that in a bedroom. It looks fresh and calm all at once. Paired with white or soft blue it is cool in the summer and easily warmed with contrasts of reds, oranges and golds in the winter.

    And I like painting…so if you get it all ready I’ll drive down and help you out one day.

  2. Christy Says:

    I took the same quiz and got the same results! Weirdly enough, I have lots of blue in my house instead, but my living room is a warm, buttery yellow. I dunno…paint and color is such a personal decision. But I generally prefer to have the whole house flow in a way that makes sense (said the girl who has something completely different in each and every room.)
    Ha! I’m absolutely no help at all!

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