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A New Beginning October 26, 2009

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I finally did it. I’ve been considering lots of blog changes and for at least a while longer I’ll be Lemons and Roses, only at WordPress instead of Blogger. I’ve had the url for a while, mostly because there were things about Blogger that frustrated me to no end. Not that it isn’t a great *free* service, it is, but I’m hopeful that I’ll like it here better. I still have thoughts for blog titles. Travis likes The Mrs. Adventures of Button Girl and I think it’s cute but I’m hesitant to commit to it. I like Inspiration Strikes because I’ve felt very inspired since I thought of it. Maybe I’ll have two blogs…even though I have trouble keeping up with one. So, ok, I’m still not sure. WordPress is more user friendly than I first thought. I just had to take the time to figure it out. Not that I’ve got that all down. So it’s still a work in progress. Lemons and Roses does still feel like me though…we’ll see.


4 Responses to “A New Beginning”

  1. Christy Says:

    Welcome 🙂 Fresh starts are fabulous, no matter what they’re named.

  2. Mary Kelso Says:

    It’s pretty. I like the clean look of it.

    Can’t wait to see what you produce here.

  3. Welcome to WordPress! I like it so much better than Blogger. I have blogs on both platforms, and the Blogger one drives me insane. Could be because I started with WP, so that seems more natural to me, I guess, but I think you’ll like WP better. It’s easier to upload photos on it, for one thing! 🙂

  4. Amy Button Says:

    Thanks Julia. The picture thing is what drove me over to WordPress to begin with. It took me a while to be really motivated to move and figure it out but I like it soooo much better than Blogger. 🙂

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